Arterial Doppler


Procedure – Blood Pressure Taken On Ankles And Arms

Systolic pressures measured at the ankle should be equal to or greater than the pressures measured at the arm. The ankle-arm pressure index (API) is normally 1.0 or greater. The API declines as levels of disease increase.

Before The Procedure

There are no special preparations for this test.

During The Procedure

Blood pressures will be taken on your arms and ankles. The changes in pressures will help your physician locate any suspected blockages. The technician will chart out the pressures on a map of the vascular system, and place it in your chart for your physician to review. You might be asked to walk on the treadmill or do calf raises then pressures will be taken again to compare with resting pressures.

Your physician will explain the results of the test on your follow up visit.