ECP (External Counter Pulsation Therapy)


External Counterpulsation Therapy (also known as ECP or EECP)is a safe, non-surgical treatment procedure that delivers great clinical benefits to patients with chronic angina. The mechanical process of External Counterpulsation Therapy enhances the body’s natural circulatory process. The pressure is created by inflating a series of cuffs (similar to blood-pressure cuffs) that squeeze the extremities (calf’s, thighs, buttocks) forcing blood back up to the heart on each heart cycle. This process ultimately restores (by force) sufficient blood flow to parts of the heart that is lacking oxygen. The treatment process generally spans for a period of 1 hour each day for a period of 35 total treatments.

Benefits from therapy:

  • Increase in Energy & Exercise tolerance, alertness (brain function)
  • Reduce or eliminate symptoms of angina such as chest pain/pressure/tightness, shortness of breath, tiredness, and fatigue
  • Strengthens the heart muscle by reviving parts of the heart that have hibernated from lack of bloodflow
  • Decrease workload of the heart
  • ECP Process